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blue tinted wave

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you are doing, the ocean is with you.

It was the cradle for all life on Earth and it sustains us all every day with oxygen, water, weather control, carbon cycling; feeding the soil, plants and animals – including humans – with vital nutrients.

It is also our greatest ally against the climate catastrophe – and the most neglected. We forget that nature is also blue, that the ocean upholds the very fabric of life on our planet.

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blue tinted wave

We are nothing without the ocean,

so no decision - personal, governmental or corporate - should be taken without its interests in mind. That means the ocean needs to be in every room where these decisions are made. By wearing a unique strip of torn blue fabric, you show that you are representing the ocean and standing up for its protection. The words you add highlight the special ocean message you choose to carry, part of a blue thread of ocean affirmation that together we will pull through the important upcoming events where the future health of our planet is on the line.

It’s time to stop neglecting the ocean and its unbreakable, interwoven connection to human survival. Wearing the blue fabric is a promise to be an ocean champion and to always carry it with you: To Be The Ocean In The Room.


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